Project Update #1 – YSM & Slavery

This week I’ve been focused on completing the research for the vignettes that will be the main content pieces of the YSM & Slavery website. I currently have planned three vignettes: one involving a bodysnatching, another about the medical school curriculum, and a third about Black medical students. I have enough material for the Black medical students and the bodysnatching ones and should be finished with the curriculum one in the next week. Then I’ll start writing the vignettes and collecting supporting images.

I’ve also started putting together the website based on the rough storyboard. I’ve created the subdomain and installed WordPress. I’ve also found a template that’s a close match to what I had planned for the site. Unfortunately, it looks like WordPress doesn’t have functionality to scroll text over a fixed image, which was part of my storyboard for the homepage. I plan to experiment with CSS and see if I can implement that functionality manually. If not, I’ll have to switch to static text, which won’t be a significant loss.